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 Invitation / Rules and guidelines

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Invitation / Rules and guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Invitation / Rules and guidelines   Invitation / Rules and guidelines EmptyWed Jun 04, 2008 1:51 pm

All students, electronics enthusiast, hobbyist, internet surfers, athletes ,out of school and anybody who loves to read, learn and share stuff.

You are invited to register in this Filipino-based community forum..."Official name to be discussed and announced".At first, this forum's objective is mainly for electronics and electrical engineering topics.Yet down the wire, it proves that everyone is made of diverse interest and knowledge.Today, this forum aims to create an online society where everyone can discuss things out, share knowledge, and a common ground for anyone who is willing to abide the forum rules and interested to read, share, learn and have fun.Though this forum is in its early developing stages, the admin and moderators will give the best of what we can offer to maintain the forum updated and always at its best.
Inspired by foreign and local forums and individuals who initiated to create a common ground for everyone,this forum made possible.

Arrow Guidlines in this forum:

1) You can use Tagalog, English or Taglish to communicate more effectively to all members.If unavoidable, please minimize the use of other local language(e.g.bisaya) to avoid confusion for members from other localities who doesn't understand the languge.
2) Topics and thread posted on wrong section will be moved to the right sections by signed Moderators.
3) Irrelevant topic and multiple topics with same contents will be deleted to avoid spamming on the board.
4) Always maintain peace and harmony. Post/s which show/s exhange of threads that can influence a more heated arguements will be deleted and the worst will be the party/ies involved will be banned.
5) No bad or "censored" words allowed.
6) Always respect each and every member of the Forum not only the Admin, and Moderators.
7) Use the SEARCH button before posting or asking anything.This will maintain the forum organized. Try to be helpful instead of always asking for something in Free or exchange.

Cool Be an active poster, not just a leecher.
9) No SMS posting! READ HERE
to add :

  • No adult content or any sexual materials.
  • No foul, offensive or improper language.
  • No racist, hateful or flaming comments.
  • No reference to any illegal materials and activities.
  • Avoid misleading information.
To those who are viewing as guest(not registered), you are viewing only some allowed categories.
Just register and see more inside.

Thanks and happy posting !!! Razz What a Face

Dream as if you'll live FOREVER,
Live as if you'll die TODAY.
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Invitation / Rules and guidelines
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