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 Rain Alarm (using 555 timer)

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Rain Alarm (using 555 timer) Empty
PostSubject: Rain Alarm (using 555 timer)   Rain Alarm (using 555 timer) EmptySun Aug 24, 2008 4:38 pm

Rain Alarm (using 555 timer) %3Ca%20href=Rain Alarm (using 555 timer) Raindetector555" border="0" />

This circuit gives out an alarm when its sensor is wetted by water.
A 555 astable multivibrator is used here which gives a tone of about 1kHz upon detecting water.
The sensor when wetted by water completes the circuit and makes the 555 oscillate at about 1kHz.
The sensor is also shown in the circuit diagram.
It has to placed
making an angle of about 30 - 45 degrees to the ground. This makes the
rain water to flow through it to the ground and prevents the alarm from
going on due to the stored water on the sensor.
The metal used to
make the sensor has to be aluminium and not copper. This is because
copper forms a blue oxide on its layer on prolonged exposure to
moisture and has to be cleaned regularly.
The aluminium foils may be secured to the wooden / plastic board via epoxy adhesive or small screws.
The contact X and Y from the sensor may be obtained by small crocodile clips or you may use screws


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Rain Alarm (using 555 timer)
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