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 A Man and His Wife

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PostSubject: A Man and His Wife   Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:02 pm

A Man and His Wife
A man and his wife are driving to the
top of a tall, winding mountain. The man, who is driving is extremely
cautious and slow. His wife is getting impatient, so she makes a deal
with him.

"For every mile you go faster, I will take off a piece of clothing!"
Agreeing to the offer, he begins to put the
petal to the metal. In a minute, she is completely naked. The husband
is too busy looking at his wife to stay concentrated on the road, so
they drive off the edge of the mountain. The woman is thrown from the
car virtually unharmed, while her husband is crushed under the car with
only his leg sticking out.

The woman decides to place her husband's
shoe over her privates to cover herself while she flags down a car. As
she approaches the edge of the road, a trucker sees her and stops.

The frantic woman yells, "Help me! Help me! My husband is stuck!" tongue
The trucker then looks at the woman's shoe and replies, "Well... if he's in that far, I don't think I can help." affraid lol!
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A Man and His Wife
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